When I read that Slade tells [Laurel] that Oliver is the Arrow, I definitely felt as though that made her embrace the situation even more and made her fall more in love with him. Because at the end of the day, he is the person that she thought he was

Katie Cassidy

Where is the sick bag?!!

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Right. Because nothing is more romantic than a crazy lunatic showing up at your door telling you the man you are in love with, who cheated on you with YOUR SISTER and is currently banging again, has been lying to you for an additional 2 years. Every day. All day. Again. And instead of telling you his deep dark secret himself, because he trusts you and wants to share every part of his life with you and allow you to make your own choices, it’s his psychotic enemy who tells you. The psychotic enemy the man you love has also lied about even knowing. Because why would he want to WARN you that you could be a potential target. 

Gee. It’s amazing Oliver & Laurel didn’t run off to Vegas after that scene. 

And can I just say…”because at the end of the day, he is the person she though he was.” THAT is the EXACT problem with Laurel & Oliver. Oliver has to PROVE himself to Laurel, which…yes I understand why Laurel is seeking validation, but that’s the exact problem. Laurel needs her love for Oliver validated in order to reconcile it to herself.  Love isn’t about proving who you are. Love is about acceptance. Oliver doesn’t need to prove he’s a fucking superhero to be worthy of Laurel’s love. But he does need to be a fucking superhero for Laurel to validate to herself why she should remain in love with the guy who screwed her sister and has consistently lied to her the ENTIRE TIME HE’S KNOWN HER. But I guess those are just pesky little details.  Relationships aren’t based on trust, acceptance and honesty. Relationships are built on evidence. Proof. And that being a superhero excuses any and all hurtful and shameful behavior.

But yup. Laurel is a strong woman. A woman to look up to. A woman who values herself and loves herself. Laurel represents the iconic strength of Black Canary.

WHAT IS THIS SHIT? The woman’s movement just lost 30 years. Susan B. Anthony is rolling over in her grave.

Sometimes I think Katie Cassidy smokes a little something. It’s okay. Do what you gotta do babe to get through the day. But just so you know…it reflects in your answers to the general public regarding your story line.

What I wouldn’t give for KC to just say “Yeah. Fine. He’s a superhero. It doesn’t change their past. She can forgive him. She’ll always love him. But Laurel deserves better than lies.”

But then hell would actually freeze over.

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I tried to not comment about this because the last time I said something remotely against Ms. Cassidy, I got lectured on my ‘internalise misogyny’. True story.

But *shrugs* I’m not going to let Judgy McJudgy people shut me up… So.

I think Ms. Cassidy is as confused about her character as the writing of her character has been.

One, Laurel already decided that she loved Tommy over Oliver, right? Wasn’t that what they agreed on in the first episode of Season 2 and the last few episodes of Season 1? Didn’t she already choose Tommy over Oliver? Wasn’t that the reason for her vendetta against the Vigilante in the first few episodes of Season 2?

Two, didn’t she already give her blessing to the Oliver / Sara Relationship v. 2.0? Was that not supposed to imply that Laurel was no longer “in love” with Oliver? That she was no longer holding out for Laurel / Ollie kiddies in the future?

But then suddenly, BAM! Ms. Cassidy reads that Slade tells Laurel about the Arrow’s true identity, and all of a sudden everything that had happened to her character was forgotten because she’s always been in love with Oliver, after all? And she’s more in love now because she finds out that he’s the Arrow (the same one she tried to trap and have arrested, and the same one she called a ‘murderer’). What?

One of the things I want to happen in Season 3 is for someone to remind Laurel that she had called the Arrow a ‘murderer’ (either Roy or Quentin) and that she had sought to have him arrested. I want some accountability on Laurel’s end for her actions. This kind of ‘sweeping under the rug’ of the moments when she epically failed in the story is not making me like her character any more, and I honestly think, is confusing Ms. Cassidy.

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YES! VERY GOOD POINT. That also pisses me off to know end. The reason why Tommy’s “I Love You” to Laurel was so icnonic, so moving, is because THAT’S the moment Laurel realized that she really did love Tommy all along. For one perfect clear moment, all of her Oliver bullshit is removed and she sees Tommy for who he really is. The hero. The man worthy of her. She realizes her mistake, but it’s too late. Tommy dies saving her life. Laurel’s anguished screams are all we can hear as the building collapses. It was Katie Cassidy’s finest acting moment on the show.

AND she tells Oliver it was a mistake. That she betrayed Tommy by sleeping with him. That she loved Tommy all along and Oliver was simply about going back. Trying to fix what is unfixable. Laurel’s ENTIRE emotional spiral in S2 was about TOMMY. Her guilt, her grief, her self hatred that she couldn’t see the real love of her life was with her always.

Laurel had NOTHING to do with the Vigilante all season long. NOTHING. Even if she wasn’t actively purusing him, she wasn’t his number 1 fan anymore. In fact, Laurel actually considered giving up Oliver’s name to free her father until Quentin told her the reason why HE stopped pursuing The Arrow.

KC needs to research her character. Sometimes I just think it’s about star power for her. She wants her character to be Oliver Queen’s main love interest because that raises her profile on the show. It has nothing to do with what is actually happening on the show.

The reason I like SA and EBR is that their answers match up to what their characters are going through. It’s not that they agree with the writers it that there’s a fundamental understanding of the character.

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